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Our students have been hard at work writing and engineering some amazing music using a combination of their strong passion for music and cutting-edge technology offered by The ex’treme Institute – St. Louis.

SoundofEx.com is a platform for students to share their work with the world and gain exposure to help them: 1) sell or lease their beats to the public to earn extra money while in school, and 2) help them become noticed for employment opportunities after they graduate.

Creative agencies are constantly looking for unique beats that go hand-in-hand with their work – catchy tunes that help the public remember their message and work – and SoundofEx.com provides just that. If you’re a film maker, video game maker, podcaster, radio advertiser, or an artist that has the need for music to be showcased in your work, SoundofEx.com is the place for you to start. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact info@soundofex.com and we will pair you up with artists to get you that tune you’re looking for.

Get a taste of what our students have been creating below.

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