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Graduate Spotlight

“Since graduation I have found steady work in live sound particularly in the local churches. I have also worked several gigs in smaller St. Louis venues such as Firebird and FUBAR. Perhaps I am more proud of the fact that I recently procured a non-exclusive publishing deal for TV commercials as well, I have purchased a full PA rig for the purposes of continuing the growth of my own business, Tone Misfit Productions, LLC.”

Kevin Garrison - Music, EI

“In taking, the knowledge and experience I gained allowed me to fully excel in my passion. I appreciate Nelly and Vatterott for just the chance that was given. This school led to opportunities I would have never imagined with national recording artists! I wanted to thank all my teachers and the staff for being there for us when we needed it”.

Josh Dixon - EI

“Since school I have been enjoying working with multiple live audio event production companies as a freelancer setting up professional level audio equipment, engineering live productions, taking the gear around the Midwest for multiple venues and colleges. Mostly sound reinforcement for speech and music including banquets, weddings, concerts, festivals, and church services but i also have gotten my hands onto other aspects of production such as lighting and video. I’m well on the way towards my goal of having my own audio production company.”

Michael White - ex'Treme Institute  - St. Louis

“While I attended E.I. I got an internship with Ironman Sound Industries. I was asked to come back as soon as I graduated. I am now freelancing for Ironman Sound Industries and a rapidly growing company called Arch City Audio Visual. It’s amazing getting paid to do live sound, I love it! Also I have built my own home studio. I could not have all of this without the tools and connections this Institute gave me. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to do anything in this business full time.”

Ben John - ex'treme Institute  - St. Louis

ex’treme Institute by Nelly Graduates Antwone Edwards, Reginald McNichols, and Antonio Dunn along with Ms. Kira Lee make up 24 Channel Productions.

24 Channel Productions is a Production/ Recording Studio located in the south St. Louis. In April of 2016 24 Channel Productions released their first single “I’ll Be Fine” from signed artist, Kira Lee. Reginald McNichols, “Ntegrity” is also working on his second mixtape and will soon release his first single from it.

We’re all about productivity and making a difference in the world….just trying to do our part to make it better.

24 Channel Productions Kira Lee - Ex'Treme Institute - St. Louis

“Making ex’treme Institute by Nelly my choice for college, was one of the best decision I ever made. I was taught by some of the best creative minds, engineers, musicians, and producers in the business. After graduating they helped me find a career most people only dream of. EI by Nelly put me in contact with St. Louis stagehands union. The IATSE Local 6 stagehands union has given me the opportunity to setup shows and events in arenas, stadiums, parks etc. They have helped me expand my vision, dreams, and work ethic. The IATSE Local 6 community helped me develop the skills of rigging, video, lighting, and staging in addition to all the audio I learned about at the ex’treme Institute. With those skills I have set shows for artists like Beyonce’, Coldplay, Stevie Wonder in addition to working a week on Super Bowl 50. Never stop dreaming. It’s been an amazing adventure.”

Curtis Williams